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Performance + Cosmetics + Maintenance = Enhancement

    In the 1980's I grew up in North Carolina living on Lake Norman just outside of Charlotte.  From as early as I can remember, I have been fishing. My first memory of fishing was with my grandfather taking me to the lake with a can of crickets and some telescopic fishing poles that he probably ordered from a catalogue somewhere. I remember looking at those rods and thinking how cool they looked compared to the bamboo rods I had seen inside the tackle shop where we got the crickets.  I was probably only 3-4 years old at the time.  Not only did we hook some bluegill that day, but I was also hooked on fishing after that trip.  

    When I was 7, my mother and I moved to a house that was lake front, and from then forward I was fishing every day, most of the time from sun up to sun down. It was during this time that I began to learn about different reels and rods, and like most good country boys, I liked to take things apart and put them back together. I enjoy knowing how things fit together and why they work the way they do. To me, those reels were just like intricate watches, every piece inside the reel has a purpose, and if one piece is broken or improperly functioning, the entire mechanism fails. I've had a fascination about how and why things work my entire life which is probably why after I was a teenager, I moved to Raleigh, NC to do a degree in philosophy.  Of course, a degree in philosophy doesn't get you very far except for knowing how to ask questions and figuring out how things work, lol. 

    After I moved to Raleigh in 1999, I still kept fishing, but only on an occasional basis. I started a cleaning business in 2005 that did well for many years.  Then in 2021, the pandemic shut us down to about 20%. During that time, I discovered river fishing for catfish, and started going fishing every day in the Neuse River here in Raleigh. I started getting online (the internet wasn't something we had when I was growing up) to join various fishing Facebook groups, and I started collecting and customizing fishing reels and fishing gear. Before I knew it, I had friends, people who I had met online, and even a local tackle shop purchasing fishing reel parts from me and asking me to clean and maintain their reels. Now, it's growing into a full-time business venture, and I've had clients from all over the US do business with me. 

    Special EFX is a fishing reel repair and parts business that can enhance anyone's fishing experience.  We look forward to serving you! 

Fishing Reel Custom Parts & Repair

Let Us Enhance Your Fishing Reels with Performance & Cosmetic Improvements!

Maintenance & Repair

    Yearly and regular maintenance of your fishing equipment is essential to having a good day fishing rather than a horrible day fishing. In fact, fishing is 90% preparation, and part of that preparation is having functioning equipment. Here at Special EFX Custom Reel & Repair, we service all types of fishing reels from Abu, Shimano, Daiwa and any other brands. For maintenance and cleaning, we tear down the entire reel and use ultrasonic cleaning to make sure everything is completely clean. Then, we grease and oil the reel as we rebuild it. If repairs are needed, then we walk the client through the process, and we do not do any unneeded repairs or up-charges on our services just to make a dollar. Basic reel maintenance starts at just $15 per reel, and you can mail us the reel if you're not local. If you are local, we can meet, or you can do local drop off at RD's Bait and Tackle Shop as we do pick up and drop of there once per week. Send us an  email or give us a call for details! 

Performance Enhancement

    Not satisfied with the performance of your reel? Want to be able to cast farther? Do you need to upgrade your drag? What about reducing backlashes on your casting and making smoother casts? At Special EFX Custom Reel & Repair, we can improve the performance of your reel. We have a wide variety of vendors from all over the world, and, in addition, we make some of our own parts in the shop that can enhance the performance of your reels. When you do business with us, we will walk through the various options available for your specific reel, and give you advice on upgrades that will provide you with the results you desire. It doesn't make sense to own a high end reel that performs on a basic level. In some cases, we can just direct you to the parts you need along with the knowledge you need to improve the performance of your fishing reel yourself.  In other cases, we can make the improvements for you, and return your reels. It's your reel and your decision. 

Cosmetic Enhancement

While the performance of a fishing reel is essential to fishing in and of itself, improving the cosmetics of your reel is like icing on the cake. We stock various cosmetic parts for fishing reels from a selection of anodized thumb screws to starless drags. Using a lathe and anodizing lab we built, we make many of our parts ourselves. We also import various parts from all over the world. Because we are a business, we are able to purchase parts in bulk from outside of the US at wholesale prices, and then sell them to our clients at a reasonable price without the client having to pay for importing fees. We try to keep our online store up to date with what we have in stock, but if there is something that you are looking for that you do not see in our store, we might have it in stock or be able to find it for you from one of our vendors. Always feel free to contact us with any questions! 



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